New Clip Shows Rio Ferdinand Stepping Up Training Ahead Of Pro Boxing Debut

The former international soccer star will step into the squared circle as a professional fighter this year for the first time.

By all accounts it is not really known if it will be a once off venture into the sweet science, as other celebrities and notable sportsmen have gone before.

But what can’t be denied of Ferdinand is the serious of which he’s taking things, and the effort he’s exhibited in terms of surrounding himself with proper coaches.

Richie Woodhall, the former world champion, will be one of the coaches guiding Ferdinand’s fistic endeavours.

He’s posted this video of his new year training and looks to be hitting things hard:

While no exact date has been given just yet for his pro debut, it isn’t expected that he’ll face any issues getting a boxing license.

Particularly with such a large backing with the likes of Betfair involved in this thing.

Who he fights though will be interesting, surely another novice pro fighter will be selected and not someone who could upset the apple cart, one would imagine.