David Haye Shares His New Year Message With Boxing Fans

David Haye will be hoping for a more injury free year this year as opposed to 2017, and years before, where his career has been plagued by injuries.

Today marks a fresh start for Haye ahead of a scheduled rematch with Tony Bellew this coming May consuming his mindset.

At this stage of the game, Haye knows one more injury sustained and that could be it for good.

He’s come through two surgeries in 2017 and now looks like he’s finally set for his Bellew rematch – releasing the following video today:

It’s all good vibes from Haye at the moment but he knows that the hard work is just around the corner.

A torn bicep appears to now be healed with punching as part of his training regime understood to resume later this month.

His opponent Tony Bellew has been spending time with family since the original rematch date fell out last month, just before Christmas due to injury to Haye.

Bellew experienced a death in his wife’s family so has been with family for the most part – understood to be getting back into training in the coming weeks.

He had this new year’s even message for fight fans last night: