Mayweather Responds To Lomachenko About Davis Fight – Rips Top Rank

Mayweather Responds To Lomachenko

Floyd Mayweather responds to Lomachenko following comments from the Ukraine boxing star who recently accused Mayweather of protecting his fighter Gervonta Davis from him.

A potential fight between the two seems to be building in social media circles in boxing at the moment.

This palpable buzz was further accentuated recently when Lomachenko posted a picture of him duck hunting during his down time – which lead to numerous memes from fans accusing Davis of ducking the Lomachenko bout.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Mayweather said:

“(Gervonta Davis) “Tank” has a promoter. “Tank” can come to me and say Floyd, this is the fight that I want. At the end of the day I’m going to say there is no rush. You’re still young. If you want to fight there’s plenty of fights. You’ve got a lot of fights left in you. You’re only 22 or 23 years old.”

He continued to then take issue with Lomachenko’s promoter Top Rank, mocking their company name:

“If Bottom Rank is a top company in boxing – all I want to do is – I wanna see the paydays. We going to put up the paydays from this different fighters at Top Rank. We going to put up the pay days and then I’m going to show you what these guys should be getting – why they’re under-paid.”

He concluded:

“At the end of the day tell your promoter (Bob Arum) to pay you. You’re getting $1.2 million (for your last fight) – you should have got $2.5 million.”

Mayweather in the early part of his professional career was promoted by Top Rank Inc. and subsequently left them to start his own promotional company and work with influential boxing manager Al Haymon.

Later he became not only the highest paid boxer of all time, but one of the most successful professional sportsmen of all time.

It is clear that his dislike for Arum and Top Rank still remains, even after all these years. Time will tell if we see a Davis vs Lomachenko fight in the future.

For the full interview with the folks at Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: