Sky Bring Out Their Annual Funniest Moments In Boxing Video

Funniest Moments In Boxing

It’s been quiet the year for professional boxing in 2017 and some of the characters that have made up the sport have played a big part in this positive momentum for the sweet science.

Boxing’s always been one of those sports that seems to attract characters to it. Both in the ring and outside of the ring.

The fight business could be as a nutty a business as there is and its characters who often find themselves at odds with one another at different times during the year, for different reasons, are all part of one big family really.

The folks at Sky Sports YouTube (hat tip) have narrowed in on some of these characters from their own perspective on new years eve in a quiet hilarious video as most boxing fans will probably admit:

That’s one way to capture the new year’s eve spirit!

What a year it’s been but what a year it could be ahead at the same time.

Big fights for the most part were made this year and based on current trends at the moment, there’s no reason to say why they won’t be next year too.

The characters in boxing helped make it a great year. Without doubt. All professional sport needs characters at the end of the day.

Pro sport is both sport and entertainment in equal measure and with characters like Tyson Fury returning to the fold in 2018 – expect plenty more of the above in the new year.