Chris Eubank Senior Gives Himself An End Of Year Award

Boxing character Chris Eubank senior gives himself a 2017 boxing award after what’s been an eventful year for him and his son.

His son has had a great year really.

He’s positioned himself for a showdown with George Groves in the new year which will be an acid test for him at this stage of his career.

In that a test for his doubters that say when he steps up in level he loses. Like he did a few years back to Billy Joe Saunders.

But Eubank junior is a different animal to that to be fair.

Like him or not, his father has been a positive influence at least in the development of his son as a fighter, whether or not he has been promotion-wise in terms of negotiating fights – is an entirely different story.

But one way or another the Eubanks have had a solid 2017 but doing IT their way and no one else’s.

So much so that father has taken it upon himself to award himself with the following:

Make that multiple awards. Quiet a few he’s given himself there in fact.

On a more serious boxing note his son will have been in training like George Groves over the holiday period with their showdown just around the corner in the new year.

Time will tell if Eubank Jr is as good as his father says he is. Groves will certainly put him to the test.