Browne On Whyte: I Hate You and Am Going To Bash The F*** Out Of You

Dillian Whyte vs Lucas Browne

The beef between Lucas Browne and Dillian Whyte has gone to a new level after a stinging attack from the Australian towards the Englishman today.

The two heavyweights genuinely hate one another. It’s pretty rare when you see that in boxing.

Usually the trash talk is all a part of selling a fight but sometimes, just sometimes, it spills over into genuine disdain for one another on a personal level.

That appears to be the case between these two. they’ve trashed each other in the media consistently for quiet sometime now.

It appears that a deal for a fight is on the brink of being done with Browne reported to have agreed his side.

Taking to social media he had these direct words for Whyte:

There you have it. It doesn’t get more direct than that really, as clear as he possibly could be.

What a fight it will be too.

Style-wise both guys never hold back are known to be heavyweight bombers – so expect a real blood and guts battle when this happens in the new year.