Floyd Mayweather Speaks Passionately About His Dad During The Holidays

Floyd Mayweather speaks passionately about his dad during the holiday season when comparisons to him and other renowned trainers in boxing came up.

The two over the years have often had an off and on relationship, as a lot of father and sons do.

But in recent years in the last part of Floyd Mayweather’s career he rekindled that relationship with his father. Both in and out of the ring by all accounts.

Comparing boxing trainers is always a hard thing to do. There’s been so many great ones over the years.

When speaking to Fight Hype this Christmas Mayweather got emotional when the subject of his father’s training abilities got brought up:

“My dad was a hustler. He had experience inside that squared circle as an amateur and a professional.”

He added:

And he was a go-getter. At the end of the day he wasn’t asking no promotion company or no management for money. Whether it was legal or illegal, my dad went out there and got it and put food on the table for his family. That’s what I respect about my dad. He didn’t wait for no man to give him a f****** hand out.”

He concluded:

“If that m*********** don’t know anything else, he knows boxing. When the history books are written, my dad may not go down as the best fighter, I’ll go down as the best fighter – but he’ll go down as the best trainer. The proof is in the pudding. He ain’t got to go around saying: ‘I trained 40 world champions. I made 40 world champions – the one mother f***** I made wipes the rest of those mother f****** out.'”

The pair in the end finished both their careers together as fighter and trainer. Many years on from when it all began.

For the full interview with Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: