Report: Mayweather Meeting With Dana White Today To Discuss Fight

It has been reported that Floyd Mayweather’s team is due to meet Dana White today to discuss a future fight in 2018 among other business.

The details are still a little unclear as to what the meeting will exactly be about, but suffice to say, the fact two of the fight business’ most powerful players are sitting down today over the holidays is a sign of no doubt big things to come.

Speaking on TV today on Fox, White revealed:

“I said that don’t count anything out on him coming over tot the UFC and that anything is possible and listen, I still don’t. Listen you guys know, I was here, I did not believe that Mayweather-McGregor would happen and it did. So anything is possible.”

He continued:

“I actually have a meeting with those guys today. I do – with his crew, yes.”

White also mentioned that he’s interested in getting into boxing in the new year.

So potentially the meeting could also involved that in some regards as well as a speculated fight with Mayweather.

Whether in boxing or MMA is not exactly clear at this point. Despite Mayweather saying he’s retired many out there believe he’ll fight again.

From a promotional standpoint, if White were to co-promote events with Mayweather’s promotional company this would likely act as an easier way for him to start off in boxing promotion.

Rather than promote boxing events on his own.

What would be interesting though is what fighters he would sign. Most big names in boxing are already under contract with other promoters.

Time will tell what happens after today’s meeting.