Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Leonard Go At It!

Two boxing greats of the ring, now retired, Floyd Mayweather go at it on social media in a bizarre turn of events this holiday season.

Floyd Mayweather recently confirmed that he is retired from the sport of boxing but nonetheless, he continues to put his name out there and do interviews.

That in itself is leading many to believe how retired really is the 40-year-old, who after all, has retired in his career before a couple of times.

Only to then come back to the ring and fight again.

It seems legacy is an issue that still gripes him mind you, in terms of fans not placing him high enough where he’d like to be alongside other esteemed fighters in boxing history.

So much so he’s now even gotten into a beef on social media with the one and only Sugar Ray Leonard in the Instagram comments section of their official accounts:

It seems both men will not let go of who they think was the better fighter, with Mayweather in particular claiming both Leonard and Thomas Hearns would have been “easy work.”

That’s the problem with trying to compare fighters from different eras.

They’ll never be able to resolve it the one way that would settle the argument beyond reasonable doubt.

Fighting one another.

Who do you think was the better fighter Mayweather or Leonard?

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