It appears that the long negotiations for a Joshua vs Parker heavyweight unification showdown are near completion after reports that the purse between the two boxers has been agreed upon – which is always the major bone of contention to get past.

An announcement on the fight is widely considered to be imminent in the boxing world at the moment who for the most part – are happy to see a unification bout in the heavyweight division.

If 2017 was a good year for the sport, just imagine how good 2018 could be if boxing’s traditional glamor division can once again unify the titles and have one, undisputed heavyweight champion.

Joshua vs Parker could happen as early as this March or April according to reports, likely at a stadium in the UK, but one really interesting thing has emerged from negotiations according to Parker’s promoter David Higgins.

According to, Higgins said if Parker wins the first fight with Joshua then his man will get 55% / 45% of the split in a rematch between the two.

That’s an interesting turn around and a significant one too.

Given that the current split Parker will receive is thought to be 33.33%/ 66.66% for the first fight (approximately) when it is confirmed shortly.

A split that took months of negotiations to get in the first place.