Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather challenges Kobe Bryant in a rather left field flip of the script that not many have seen coming.

It seems Floyd Mayweather and his team are in peak promotion-mode this holiday season with various random, strange stories linking the renowned boxer with a number of outside the sweet science interests.

Be they combat sports stories suggesting that Mayweather is somehow interested in a billion dollar contract from the UFC over a four fight deal to fight in mixed martial arts, to the following stealthy bit of craftsmanship from him and his social media team.

Mayweather is known to like his basketball and following a video posted this holidays from world basketball star Kobe Bryant, the official Floyd Mayweather Instagram account had a short message in reply to Bryant:

“I’m ready to play you one on one for $1 million.”

Well, it appears Mayweather thinks he not only can he be a UFC fighter but also take on one of the best basketball players of his generation, and win.

This looks like some clear publicity scored for Mayweather in a match if it did happen that would probably see the winner donating the cash to charity – given the large net worth of both athletes.

It isn’t that out of the ordinary when you look back at the Mayweather history of promotion.

He has been known to spread his rings into different entertainment genres in the past. One that springs to mind also happened in the WWE where he fought at Wrestle Mania against “The Big Show.” a few years back.

From a boxing perspective though, you’d have to think that the American is done and dusted at this point. Who would he come out of retirement for to justify the gargantuan sums that he usually expects?

Even a fight against the winner of Golovkin vs Canelo (if their rematch happens as expected next year, that is) would likely not generate the massive sums “Money” has come to demand.

From here on out expect more of this “Mayweather the promoter” type activity – one suspects.

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