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Coach Reveals What Happened In Wilder vs Haye Sparring

The Wilder vs Haye sparring session took place behind closed doors in a gym in the UK a couple of years back and one person who saw it first hand has gone on the record on what he saw.

Sparring is sparring but when it comes to two high level athletes in the heavyweight division like Deontay Wilder and David Haye (a few years ago) a lot of fans would tell you they’d gladly pay to watch fighters of that calibre spar.

While Haye is now a little removed from his best days following extensive injuries in recent years, a few years back when Deontay Wilder was first bursting onto the scene Haye sparred him much nearer his peak.

At the time, a video released by a member of Haye’s team showed complimentary seconds to Haye.

However former team Haye member and now respected boxing trainer to Tony Bellew, Dave Coldwell – told Fight Hype that Wilder impressed everyone in the spar and not to write him off against Anthony Joshua if they fight:

“I would say that Wilder is a slight favorite. I don’t be into it that AJ (Anthony Joshua) is the favorite because I’ve seen Wilder in sparring taking licks. We had Wilder over (to the UK) when he as a young kid sparring David Haye. I’ve seen David Haye detonate bombs on Deontay Wilder’s chin and him (Wilder) just coming back saying – lovely! Lovely! And coming straight back and winging them (punches) straight back! He’s (Wilder) tough. He’s a lot tougher than he looks.”

He added:

“He’s a lot tougher than people think he is. I think a lot of people think all AJ has got to do is go out there and nail him.”

Wilder has been linked extensively with a fight next up against Cuban Luis Ortiz while in the background his handlers continue to try to negotiate a unification bout with Britain’s Anthony Joshua for later in 2018.

For a brief look back at some very limited seconds of Haye and Wilder’s spar a few years ago – check it out here on YouTube: