Floyd Mayweather Makes Unusual Claim About Anthony Joshua

Floyd Mayweather makes unusual claim about Anthony Joshua considering who manages current WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

That man being none other than Al Haymon of course.

Mayweather’s long time friend and adviser who very recently played a role in making the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.

Often times high-profile figures in American boxing claim that there is more money for big fights to take place in the US, rather than in the UK or elsewhere.

Mayweather broke this trend today however.

Furthermore, it perhaps might have cheesed off his adviser Al Haymon who is currently negotiating the Wilder vs Joshua fight to happen at some point later in 2018 – with team Wilder wanting the bout in the States and Joshua wanting the bout in the UK.

Mayweather thinks the fight makes more sense in the UK however:

“I think it can happen in the UK. I think it’s bigger money in the UK. That’s just how I feel. I think everybody is overlooking Anthony Joshua.”

He continued:

“We look at Deontay Wilder’s last fight. He did what the f*** he’s supposed to do in great fashion but when you look at the guy he fought, the guy was like 6 feet and 40 years old? You gotta realize Anthony Joshua showed the heart of a lion. (He) Got hit by one of the Klitschko brothers – got right back up and showed the heart of a lion. “

He added:

“I just feel like Anthony Joshua is the A-Side. He has a whole country behind him.”

These comments come as a slight surprise given the closeness of Mayweather and Haymon, with perhaps the influential American boxer’s words today putting Haymon’s fighter Wilder now firmly in the B-Side of any negotiations, if he wasn’t already before that is.

For the full video with the lads from Fight Hype check it out here (hat tip):