UFC fighter Conor McGregor sends Mayweather a rather odd insult months on after the two shared a boxing ring in Las Vegas.

That fateful night back in August at the T-Mobile Arena turned out to be an unsuccessful one for Irishman McGregor, who fell victim to a 10th round TKO loss from American Floyd Mayweather.

Since the fight both men’s fame has only increased and different reports about either fighter have suggested that they are both looking at big moves in 2018.

The reality is though only one of them will be competing in any sort of combat situation next year – in Conor McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather is retired from active fighting now at 40 years of age. That much is clear.

However that hasn’t stopped McGregor from trolling the American amid strange reports suggesting Mayweather might be thinking of an MMA fight in the UFC – saying:

The chances of Mayweather putting on a pair of MMA gloves and hopping over the fence as an MMA guy seem slim to none.

Why would he risk his health and everything he’s built up over a multi-decade boxing career?

Unless the fight was so completely staged by the UFC in such a way that no harm would come to him and was agreed on beforehand? That’s the only way I could see Mayweather getting into a UFC cage.

Otherwise, it would be good night Floyd Mayweather. Quiet quickly, too.

It almost seems totally WWE all together but then again – Mayweather has done a WWE wrestling match in the past.