Chris Eubank Sr Gets Ripped To Pieces After He Advises Nigel Benn’s Son

Chris Eubank Sr Gets Ripped

Chris Eubank Sr comes in for some shredding online after he sent a message to Conor Benn, son of his old rival Nigel Benn, advising him of a family matter in his career.

It is well-known that Chris Eubank Sr takes a hands on role with his son’s career.

It has been highly successful for the most part too, with Eubank Jr only ever losing once in his career so far to Billy Joe Saunders.

Since turning pro not long ago Conor Benn has gone down a different route with his pro career however.

His famed fighting father Nigel Benn takes little active participation in his son’s boxing career and advises more in the background, letting his son do his own thing.

Recently Conor Benn was involved in a fight of the year candidate which left him banged up afterwards, prompting Eubank Sr to advise him today:

This has gone down like a sack of potatoes with many boxing fans, including Conor himself who has replied directly to him online:

Before we go, lets take a look back at the bitterly engrossing rivalry that Eubank Sr and Benn Sr shared for so many years, which is where a lot of this underlying feeling all stems from: