Amazing Documentary On Africa’s Untapped Boxing Talent

Africa’s untapped boxing talent might not be known to the world like the stars who’ve competed in Las Vegas and New York, but as this documentary correctly points out: “Fighting is a universal language.”

The folks at Vice often tackle the hard-hitting stories that are sometimes ignored in the West and frequently find themselves travelling to different destinations around the world to do so.

This particular documentary is set in Ghana – home to some incredible fighters over the years like Joshua Clottey and of course the great Azumah Nelson.

Indeed, Africa has produced many great champions and warriors over the years but it’s the finding process of this talent before they become famous is what’s difficult, oftentimes.

This outstanding documentary from Vice YouTube (hat tip) goes deep into the great history of African boxing and the untapped talent that still exists there today for the sweet science:

“If you are scared you already lose.”

Said by Joshua Clottey – perhaps one of the many memorable quotes in the documentary.

In many ways the documentary conveys no matter how far we’ve come as a human race and no matter how far the sport of boxing has grown around the world, no matter what country you’re from – this great sport transcends nationality and geography.

It always has and always will.