A Floyd Mayweather proposition to actually fight in the UFC under mixed martial arts rules was at first laughed off, but as it turns out, it actually did happen.

Mayweather fought UFC star Conor McGregor in a straight boxing match last August that ended in a stoppage win for Mayweather in relatively easy fashion.

He’s retired since and has plenty to do from running strip clubs, to his boxing gym, to travelling the world and investing in things like Crypto currencies and new gym chains.

It was reported a little over a week ago, by Mayweather himself on a live stream feed as it happens, that he said he could come back with offers from the UFC that would see him become a billionaire.

People laughed it off at the time as Mayweather stepping into MMA rules at this age and stage in his life seems farcical.

But not the case according to Joe Rogan (UFC commentator) who speaking on his JRE podcast told the world what UFC President Dana White told him:

“This is one thing I can tell you. Dana told me that Floyd wants to make a deal in the UFC. Like legitimately. So I texted him is Floyd really talking about fighting in MMA? And he goes yeah he’s f****** crazy. I told him he’d get killed but he’s still talking about doing it.”

One would have to think that this would not happen, logically speaking of course, as Mayweather has always calculated risk vs reward very diligently over the course of his career.

This would carry extreme risk, to put it lightly.

Check out the clip here where Rogan spills the beans on what Dana White told him regarding Mayweather’s approches: