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Amir Khan Receives Death Threat Following Family Christmas Post

Boxer Amir Khan receives death threat following a post he put up on social media showing how proud he was of his new Christmas tree and excited for his daughter and family to see it.

Social media, it has its plus points but boy, does it have its down side too.

On the positive side it cuts through press officer middlemen to allow fans directly to interact with their favorite sports star or celebrity of choice, and visa versa.

On the down side, it allows literally anyone to have a voice.

Even those cowardly enough to hide behind anonymous profiles and hurl abuse at celebrities that they would never dream of doing otherwise.

One case in point is this post from boxer Amir Khan:

One Instagram user sent a sickening message to Khan following the video upload:

“I promise to god i want kill you and your family amir.”

Absolutely sickening stuff. Disgraceful.

Welterweight Amir Khan recently returned to his family in the UK after completing a reality TV show based in a jungle in Australia.

He has stated his intentions to return to boxing in early 2018 with talks underway currently as to who his next opponent will be.

Photo credit: Amir Khan Instagram

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