Floyd Mayweather Opens Up About Al Haymon

Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather opens up about boxing power player, Premier Boxing Champions founder and influential manager Al Haymon.

Haymon has never done an interview with the media.

Instead preferring to keep a low profile and go about his own business, which at the end of the day, everyone has the right to do.

From speaking to boxers in the past one thing is clear about him, boxers definitely like him. You’d seldom hear a fighter speak negatively about him.

He gets them sizeable paydays for their extreme risk and seems to be a man of his word, according to the boxers themselves.

Floyd Mayweather has widely credited Haymon in all of his post-fight interviews over the years after his big fights.

Often thanking Haymon as the very first thing he did in his post-fight interviews.

Now that he’s retired from the sport of boxing following his recent event against Conor McGregor, Mayweather opened up about Haymon to Fight Hype:

“When two of Al’s fighters fight – Al Haymon say you know what, let them fight. He don’t say oh I’m taking this side I’m taking that side. Both of my guys gotta make money because this is the money-making business. Both of my guys gotta make money. He’s not like the old managers where the fighters do all the fighters but the managers and promoters make all the money. That’s not how it’s done. Al going to look out for his fighters and take care of his fighters. Al wants the best for his fighters. Always. So if any fighter or any person speaks bad about Al Haymon, get those motherf****** out of your life right now because Al Haymon is not a good person, he’s a great person.

Mayweather certainly has reason to speak so highly of Haymon. The two made a lot of money over the years.

For the full interview on Fight Hype YouTube check it out here: