An Almost Prophetic Punditry Moment From Roy Jones – Genius Stuff

This punditry moment from Roy Jones Jr proves that he’s not only one of the best boxers to ever live, but one of the very best commentators and analysts in the sport today too.

This past weekend Irishman Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan defeated Antonine Douglas inside the distance in Canada as part of a HBO broadcast of the Saunders vs Lemieux WBO middleweight title fight.

Roy Jones was on the call on the night, alongside usual HBO sweet science announcers Max Kellerman and Jim Lampley.

During the O’Sullivan vs Douglas bout, this video pointed out by Twitter user @SixHeads (hat tip) says more than words can really for this razor-sharp analysis by Jones at one point:

As things stand Roy Jones Jr is not officially retired from boxing as of yet and could very well have a couple of more fights in 2018.

But away from actively training and fighting in the sport he is still involved obviously with his job at HBO – as well as promotional and other business ventures.

Back in February was Jones’ last fight (which was at cruiserweight) when he defeated former champion Bobby Gunn by TKO in Wilmington.

Roy Jones is one of only two men in boxing history to ever win world titles in both the middleweight and heavyweight divisions.

His record within the sport of boxing as a professional currently stands at 65-9-47KO. Before we go, lets take a look back at his incredibly explosive career: