Conor Benn reacts to toughest fight yet in a bout that saw him have to come through some significant scares mid fight.

Getting knocked down for the first time in his career last night was something Benn reacted to by looking to engage ferociously.

Instead of holding on and recovering.

Although he got away with it, perhaps more sensible tactics if it happens again in the future might be more advisable as this talented boxer moves up the ranks.

Having said that, he seemed to be humble enough to know this in his post-fight reaction and today, the morning after the night before as it were, here’s what he’s had to say (and show):

Battle scares from a clearly fierce contest last night.

No doubt it will take a couple of weeks for that level of swelling and bruising to heal up over the Christmas.

He certainly earned his money last night in what many are touting as a fight of the year candidate.

With a limited, virtually non-existent amateur career, the exciting bouts he’s produced in the pro ranks thus far since only turning pro in 2016 have been exceptional to his credit.

With his father now living in Australia, the young Conor Benn is understood to be very self-disciplined living alone in London in the UK near the gym where he trains – living, eating and sleeping boxing.

Doing things the old school way as it were. Properly living the life of a fighter.

(Photo credit: Conor Benn Twitter)

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