Jeff Horn Defends WBO Welterweight Title Via TKO

Jeff Horn defends WBO welterweight title in Australia with a points win over British challenger Gary Corcoran. Here’s how it played out.

Horn had a bit of pressure on him in his home country fighting as favorite and for the first time since shocking the world earlier this year to win the title from Manny Pacquiao.

Jeff Horn got off to a positive start in round one, taking it easily with superior movement and landing some decent left hooks on his British challenger.

Corcoran came back at him in round 2 however – landing some decent right hands in what was a much more competitive round than the first.

The British challenger started round 3 positively again, landing the right hand once more but also a solid body shot near the start of the round.

Horn was really making it a fight now, digging in and scrapping hard.

Round 4 went to Horn, just (in my view), although Corcoran tried to push him. The cleaner work came from the champion for me.

Round 5 was a better round for Corcoran who was closing the distance down at times. But the better boxing came from Horn who when he had the space to work, looked the better boxer on the outside.

Corcoran picked up a small cut over both the left and right eyes, with the right being more distinctive at the end of the round.

By the start of the 6th and midway of the fight Horn had a nasty gash over his eye to contend with too. As well as a bloody nose. Indeed, a bloody dog fight was starting to develop at this stage.

Corcoran continued to push Horn in round 6. Strong round for Corcoran overall – based on work rate alone.

Horn landed some very eye catching right hands in round 7, with Corcoran shaking his head denying they hurt.

Round 8 was a scrappy one, tough to score. Possibly the edge again going for Horn on quality of shots landed.

By the time of round 9 Corcoran’s remarkable work rate finally seemed to be fading. Horn looked like he was getting a second wind with his passionate Australian fans cheering him on with chants of:

“Horny! Horny!”

Horn started to plant his feet and move forward in round 10, really pushing forward and trying to put pressure on his UK challenger.

Very strong round for Horn, clearly out boxing his man at this point.

Horn’s fitness really was proving itself in the 11th, still throwing with mean intentions and snap on his shots.

The referee had seen enough in the 11th giving Horn the TKO victory.