Conor Benn knocked down in what not his best performance but overall, an incredible fight to watch from a neutral spectator point of view.

Both Benn and his French opponent Cedrick Peynaud knocked one another down tonight in York Hall in a classic battle.

Benn got the decision in the end by three rounds, which did not do Peynaud justice.

Many felt a draw would have been a more fair results and perhaps rematch would be something that could be arranged.

Particularly based on how exciting a fight it was tonight.

Early on it looked like Conor Benn was in serious trouble and that he was on the verge of being stopped.

Here’s the moment it all went wrong for him early on and the first time he was dropped as a pro:

His instincts were to get up straight away and start fighting fire with fire.

Like his father Nigel Benn used to do, but as Conor Benn would admit surely himself, he is still very, very early into his development as a pro.

With a limited amateur career behind him Conor Benn will need more experience before stepping up to any sort of title level but tonight will have been a good learning night for him.

What a fight though. The Conor Benn stock continues to go up with his continually exciting fight-style to watch.