Josh Kelly Impresses Again With Classy Display Over Michel Hamilcaro

23 year old Josh Kelly continued to show promise tonight in the junior-welterweight division with a classy display over Frenchman Jean Michel Hamilcaro at York Hall.

Kelly started his bout tonight in positive form on the front foot, happy to march forward and throw big overhand right hands as he tried to get his timing down early.

The second round saw more success from the left hand from Kelly this time, who was working well to the head and body and mixing up his shots well – displaying very good punch variation indeed.

One left hook to the body in particular looked very spiteful. He then followed that up with a left hook to the head in quick succession. The speed and timing of the shots were absolutely spot on.

Kelly came out with his hands down in round three, stalking his man and waiting patiently for the openings.

Kelly found that opening in the form of a devastating uppercut at first in the round, followed up with body shots. Hamilcaro survived the round but was getting outclassed.

Kelly looked to close the gap a bit more in the fourth, pushing his French opponent onto the ropes and into the corner at times, just putting that little bit more pressure into his work.

By the time round 6 rolled around the writing was on the wall. Kelly knocked his French counterpart down three times and eventually after another body shot the referee waved it off.

The win tonight improved Kelly’s record to 5-0.