Tyson Fury’s Promoter Explains Reason Behind Agreeing UKAD Deal

Tyson Fury’s representatives have spoken today on the reasons why the fighter came to an agreement with UKAD for a backdated ban.

The backdated ban for Tyson and his cousin Hughie essentially means that it is already served and is over. Hence why both are now free to return to the sport of boxing without worry in 2018.

In Tyson’s case pending getting his license back, but provided he gets into decent condition and trains hard over Christmas – that shouldn’t be an issue in reality.

His promoter Hennessy Sports wanted to explain this evening however why the fighter and his team accepted the deal today presented by UKAD:

It makes sense, two years to date of being out of the ring was long enough.

To take another two years out of the prime of his heavyweight career would have been surely too much to come back from.

All in all, a good result for boxing today. The heavyweight division just got a whole lot more interesting.

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