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Floyd Mayweather: I’m The Best Athlete Ever

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Mayweather has been making the headlines today after some hard hitting comments as part of a live stream where he was answering fan questions directly.

He’s retired now but still seems to be popping up in the news when mentioning that he has received offers to fight again.

The smart school of thought however is that he won’t.

He’s 40 now and certainly leaves a strong legacy inside the boxing. But at the end of the day, only history will tell where he stands.

Mayweather believes he’s not only the best boxer of all time however, but the sports man ever. Speaking today on a live stream with his fans Mayweather said:

“There’s only one motherf***** GOAT (greatest of all time) and it’s me and I better here not nobody talking about this guy is the GOAT over here, this guy is the GOAT over here. Man at the end of the day I’m the best athlete ever. You heard me. Ain’t nobody do it better than me. I done it in the best style. I done it flashy. I done it flamboyant. I done it my way. I kept 100% of the revenue and I’m my own motherf***** boss. Talk to me.”

Mayweather has been travelling abroad recently – posting some of the following on his Instagram account: