Eddie Hearn On Where It All Went Wrong For James DeGale

Hearn Reacts To Wilder KO

Promoter Eddie Hearn opens up on behind the scenes history where his relationship with and what he believes┬á James DeGale’s career all went wrong.

DeGale lost his IBF super-middleweight world title this past weekend in a shock result where he was 1/200 on to win against underdog Caleb Truax before the fight.

Most likely the biggest upset of the year, if not the last few years no less.

His former promoter Eddie Hearn has been critical in recent times of DeGale going to the States and signing with Al Haymon.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Hearn said:

“Is there really people looking out for him? Now for James DeGale it all comes down to desire. Because if you don’t have the desire in this sport – than you better get out.”

He added:

“It’s been a shambles since he’s won that world title. If he came back here if he would listened to us he would have been a pay per view star in this country (UK) after the Dirrell fight, and by the way, he hasn’t made a load of money.”

He later continued:

“Loyalty is everything. The truth is that after the Dirrell fight, they went and signed with Al Haymon, I won’t say without my consent, but I wasn’t part of those discussions. I promoted him for what, the next two or three fights, but the relationship wasn’t there.”

DeGale did not have a rematch in his contract with last weekend’s opponent Truax, so likely he will need to work his way back up into title contention from scratch again.

If he continues to box on.

For the full interview with IFL TV YouTube check it out here: