The fight community in recent days have all come together following a heartbreaking video that has gone viral on social media.

The fight community are a tight nit one and despite all the trash talk that you might see in boxing these days, when serious topics occur in the world or ones that touch the business, often times people rally around.

Boxing as a sport teaches young people discipline and self respect, and almost stands for the exact opposite of what bullying is.

Bullying be definition is an act of cowardice and one video about a young American lad put up by his mother in recent days has drawn the attention from many within the fight business.

The first of which UFC president and soon to be boxing promoter Dana White, who shared the following:

Similar sentiments have followed from those within boxing since:

Lets hope this young man gets the help that he needs in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Fair play to all those in the boxing community for highlighting the message.