Tyson Fury Reportedly Fails To Turn Up For UKAD Hearing – Here’s What He Posted On Social Media

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury reportedly did not turn up for the start of his UKAD hearing today which also involves his cousin Fury.

The complicated case has rumbled on for a long period of time but it was thought today in London would be the start of it hopefully coming to a conclusion.

His uncle and trainer Peter Fury posted on social media yesterday informing they would be in London today, but it appears Tyson at least for his part was not.

The BBC originally reported that it was just Fury who didn’t turn up but as always, there are two sides to every story.

The UK Independent subsequently reported that UKAD themselves did not turn up either in the venue that was set for the hearing in London.

Fury, in the meantime, has posted this video on his Instagram account, with not a care in the world:


While some have been quick to criticise Fury today, it is worth pointing out that UKAD did not appear at the hearing either by all accounts.

So there could have been a genuine reason that one or both parties simply had to reschedule the meetings.

At the end of the day, meetings get cancelled and rescheduled all the time.