UFC President and soon to be boxing promoter Dana White responds to the latest verbal jab from one of his oldest promotional sparring partners.

White and Arum have traded insults in the media over the last decade perhaps as much as any promoters in combat sports.

The ironic thing is they both live in the same town too, of Las Vegas, and by all accounts have never even met each other.

White, half of Arum’s age approximately, has criticised Arum’s approach to boxing promotion over the years as:

“Sucking the life out of boxing.”

Arum has had similar jibes at White and this weekend after Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux at Madison Square Garden Arum was quoted as saying that White was:

“A piece of crap.”

Speaking to MMA Junkie following a UFC this weekend, White responded with a smile to Arum’s comments:

“He had a great fight tonight (Loma vs Rigo)? Well see Bob. Well see at the end. Bob’s the same guy that said the UFC would never work and that it was losing oodles of money, whatever that f**** that means, I don’t know what oodles of money means, and look at what we’ve done and look at where we are. I’ll give it to him though for a 95 year old dude this guy’s still pretty feisty. I’ll give him that. Did you see him getting in the ring tonight? (laughs). Still impressive though! The guy’s getting in the f***** ring and s***. It was hard but he still did it. I’m impressed!”

White is thought to be in the final stages of getting his boxing promoters license at the moment and in the new year will be making a full on charge into American boxing to stage events in the sweet science.

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