Fans React To Groves’ Abuse Of DeGale Straight After Suffering Defeat

The George Groves abuse of DeGale could not have come any sooner after his rival suffered bitter defeat to lose his world title.

The phrase “kicking a man while he’s down” springs to mind, but then again, in boxing anything seems to go these days when it comes to fighters bashing each other on social media.

Straight after James DeGale lost his world title in a stunning upset to American Caleb Truax last night, his old rival George Groves was right on hand to tell him:

The tweet came literally minutes after DeGale’s crushing defeat, who at this time has not responded to Groves as of yet.

Fight fans have been having a field day however since Groves took it upon himself to have a dig at DeGale so soon after his loss.

A clear rivalry among both their supporters still there, and as passionate as ever about their opinions on these two old rivals:

A rematch has to happen one day between these two, surely.

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