Boxer Nearly Loses Ear In Horrific Freak Injury During Fight

A boxer nearly loses ear in this horrific injury sustained in a professional bout that took place in Las Vegas.

British boxer Stephen Smith travelled to the US this weekend to take on Francisco Vargas in a HBO bout which he ultimately dropped a technical decision loss in.

The story of the night however was a horrific injury to his ear that he sustained during the contest. Leaving him in no position to see out the fight until its conclusion.

His ear was almost ripped off completely at one point.

The 32-year-old Liverpool native was hoping to get back into the world title fight mix in 2018, but the bout had to be stopped last night due to the injury which gave his opponent the win on the scorecards at the time of the stoppage.

The injury appeared to happen in an accidental clash of heads.

Perhaps the worst injury to an ear in a boxing match since the infamous Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield heavyweight fight.

Although this injury was caused by something completely accidental.

It is understood that Smith received stitches afterwards and is permitted to fly back to the UK this coming Monday without the need for an extended stay in hospital.

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