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Home » Watch: Salido vs Roman Live Stream Of Undercard From Vegas

Watch: Salido vs Roman Live Stream Of Undercard From Vegas

The Salido vs Roman live stream video of the undercard action has been made available right here live from Las Vegas.

It would be easy to forget that there’s other boxing action going on tonight in the US with the whole Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko build-up in New York this week.

Granted, that’s the main attraction tonight, but the folks at HBO are also putting on a solid fight card in Vegas in what many have deemed an attempt to counter program the action on ESPN with Lomachenko and Rigondeaux.

Say what you will, but as a fan, you can never get enough boxing.

The more boxing and the more choice the better for fans and fighters alike, who are the most important people at the end of the day.

The folks at Golden Boy Facebook have provided a Salido vs Roman live stream of the undercard action right here (hat tip) – enjoy:

When the main event kicks off later on there will be some interesting action featuring the likes of the UK’s Stephen Smith who has travelled over to the US to take on Francisco Vargas at the Mandalay Bay tonight in the fight capital of the world.

For live streaming of the undercard of the fight action tonight in the US tune into the ESPN app.