Andre Ward Goes On Twitter Rant And Drops Some Knowledge

Andre Ward goes on full blast mode for a change on social media and drops some home truths at the hype that often exists in boxing.

Boxing and bull crap often go hand and hand, after all, it’s the hype business isn’t? Well, professional boxing at the highest level that is.

Fighters need to sell tickets, promoters need to sell out arenas and get TV companies to be interested in the sport to make it a worthwhile exercise for the brave men and women looking to fight their ways to the top.

It’s not only an incredibly risky career path, but a very short one too.

But when does hype and social media go too far? At what point does it create a false illusion for a fighter that they might have achieved something when in fact they have not, at least just yet?

Andre Ward is a guy who’s literally done it all in the ring. Amateur and pro. Hands down. Unquestionably.

An Olympic Gold medallist and multi-weight world champion as a pro, never beaten in his professional tenure, he knows a thing or two it’s fair to say.

He’s retired from the sport now but even when he was active, he was never much a man for Twitter or press, or as some might refer to as nowadays as being “Insta famous.”

However, in a break from the norm, he’s gone on the front foot so to speak on social media. He’s dropped some genuinely insightful information no less: