Amir Khan Forgets His And His Own Daughter's Birthday - Twitter Erupts - Boxing News and Views

Amir Khan Forgets His And His Own Daughter’s Birthday – Twitter Erupts

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Amir Khan forgets not just his daughter’s birthday, but his own, in a classic moment from the boxer.

Welterweight Amir Khan has won over a lot of fans on his reality TV adventure thus far, largely for his willingness to get stuck in and also to be himself.

He’s produced a few lighter notes on the show so far that is designed for celebrities in an artificial jungle environment.

Tonight though the boxer produced possibly his finest moment yet. When speaking to a fellow contestant about his daughter, he was not sure where they were to start with:

“My little girl is so far away. I don’t know where they are in the UK or America.”

He added:

“She’s three and turning four in a couple of months.”

Then, when asked by fellow contestant what her birthday was, Khan replied:

“The summer time. Like June. June 23rd I think. I don’t remember my own birthday man. I forget that.”

Twitter folks have found it amusing that Khan not only forgot his own daughter’s birthday, but his own: