Cotto Team Reveals Horrific Injury Suffered In Last Fight That He Hid

Cotto team

Miguel Cotto team share information about a serious injury suffered to their fight during his final fight against Sadam Ali.

Miguel Cotto is known for his toughness and ability to push through pain in a career that spanned a total of 17 years.

In the final bout of his career this past weekend he put it on display once again as it was revealed afterwards that he boxed on for the full duration of the fight after suffering a substantial injury during the contest.

One in fact he did not want to reveal to his trainer Freddie Roach at the time – for fear of getting pulled out of the contest.

Speaking after the loss to Sadam Ali, team Cotto member Hector Soto told Carlos Narvaez of El Vocero:

“It was a break in the tendon of the biceps of his left arm and they have to operate it.”

Cotto confirmed after the bout that he was now retired from boxing after Saturday night’s defeat.

Since then tributes have been pouring in for one of the great fighters of his generation whom over the course of his career won world championships in four different weight classes.

He leaves a legacy in the sport that saw him fight the best very competitors available to him during his particular era.