New Footage Emerges Of Malignaggi vs McGregor Spar

A new clip of the now infamous Malignaggi vs McGregor spar has surfaced online sparking new debate about a possible boxing match.

As far as 2018 stories go in boxing, the whole Malignaggi vs McGregor saga was probably one of the most covered of the year but amazingly, it still appears to have some legs to it.

Malignaggi has spoken of his desire to face the Irishman in a boxing match but McGregor has not commented on if or when he will return to the boxing ring.

This has not stopped many boxers from calling him out though. The latest being Manny Pacquiao who told the UFC fighter to stay fit for 2018.

Whether McGregor chooses to fight again in boxing remains on clear at this time, with his immediate future more likely an MMA fight in the UFC next up.

Whatever the case might be, someone from inside one of the camps has been leaking new Malignaggi vs McGregor spar footage of their boxing get together this year:

(Hat tip Danielmmafan Twitter)

A not particularly flattering clip for Malignaggi who since all the footage was leaked, has continuously asked why those leaking the footage do not release the full spar in its entirety from start to finish – instead of limited segments of what took place.