People Can’t Believe What Tony Bellew Told Tyson Fury

Tony Bellew told Tyson Fury some rather controversial words while speaking on TV show Soccer AM and it’s brought about a big reaction.

Liverpool heavyweight Tony Bellew recently learned that his rematch against David Haye is postponed until 2018 following a freak injury to Haye’s left bicep.

After that, one Tyson Fury chimed in to offer his services to Bellew instead of Haye in the new year if he would be willing to fight him.

Well, it turns out he’s more than willing to do so. Speaking on Soccer AM this morning Bellew said:

“For once it would be nicer to fight someone fatter than me.”

He also referred to Fury as a:

“Tank a***.”

He also got people talking for the comparisons that Bellew refereed to him as, one of which being:

He looks like desperate Dan. He looks like he’s eaten desperate Dan.”

He had another comparison for Fury, too, outlined fully here on Soccer AM:

If you don’t know who Stavros Flatley is, some boxing fans have been taking to Twitter to point it out:

Fury responded on Twitter by saying: