Boxer At The Centre Of Controversy Opens Up About Alleged Anthony Joshua Racist Messages

US boxer Eddie Chambers speaks for the first time about the alleged Anthony Joshua racist direct messages he received on Instagram.

Since the controversial story emerged in a video that alleged heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has sent private direct messages to US boxer Eddie Chambers of a racist nature, Joshua’s team has confirmed that his account was hacked and that they are conducting an internal investigation into what happened at the time.

Joshua at present is on vacation in Dubai.

Now for the first time on ATG Radio, Chambers has spoken about the incident and what really happened. He started off by saying:

“It was just a shock to see something like that coming from the champ. You wouldn’t expect anything like that.”

He added:

“I still can’t 100% say whether or not he did it. I don’t know. But, if he did, I don’t know why. Maybe he was looking for a fight. In that case, great – then that would be an awesome opportunity for me and actually I appreciate him for that. If not, then it’s just kind of weird. Why does he not like me for some reason? I don’t think I did anything to ever hurt him.”

He later mentioned:

“What he’s saying is I’m a disgrace to (my race) it? Well that’s fine. Maybe I can be considered a disgrace to it.”

Since the alleged messages and incident happened Joshua has not made a formal comment himself, but has updated his Instagram pages with pictures of his vacation in Dubai.

Eddie Chambers is currently 42-5-23KO, with Joshua holding a pro record of 20-0-20KO at this time.

Fur the full interview with Eddie Chambers speaking for the first time about the alleged Joshua incident check it out here on ATG Radio: