The Internet Reacts To Amir Khan Im A Celebrity Snake Run-In

The first Amir Khan Im A Celebrity episode ended with the boxer meeting his match with a snake that he picked up at one point.

Khan has got his first night in the jungle behind him at this stage and the boxer was the main theme of the first episode on the reality TV show.

An episode that saw him come face to face with a snake on day one. An animal that Khan had highlighted he was afraid of coming into the show.

Perhaps a purposeful act from the producers.

Following a moment that saw Khan lift up a snake out of a jar during a challenge, the internet came up with a variety of reactions online:

As you can see, folks didn’t hold back. Fair play to Khan though for getting in there right from the start.

The boxer mentioned afterwards that he is looking to grab chances to train when he can in the jungle to pass time and keep fit ahead of a comeback to the sport of boxing expected in 2018.