Watch: The Moment Josh Taylor Stopped Vasquez For The First Time

Josh Taylor stopped Vasquez in some style in a performance that continues to highlight his world class promise.

The Scotsman moved to 11-0 (10KO) and became the first man ever to stop the teak tough Mexican Vasquez in a vintage performance.

After overcoming some adversity early on Taylor stepped up the gas in the mid rounds and began chopping away at his Mexican counterpart’s body bit by bit.

This body work was relentless but when the time came, proved to be perfect in it’s placement when one single shot found it’s target and dropped Vasquez.

Unable to beat the count in round 9:

Hat tip – Albaglen Twitter:

Right under the elbow along the left rib cage, a perfect shot really.

The win could set up big things in the near future for Taylor who will hold a very good ranking with the WBC when they next come out one would expect.

The super-lightweight division is buzzing at the moment on the world stage and some trips overseas might be in the pipeline next, having dispatched of his domestic rival Ohara Davies in emphatic fashion earlier this year.

At 26 years of age there’s no rush though, plenty of time for this young prospect to develop into an even more impressive fighting machine just yet.