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World Champion Jeff Horn Makes Play For A McGregor Boxing Match

WBO welterweight champion of the world Jeff Horn makes play for a McGregor showdown inside the boxing ring.

It seems there is still plenty of interest from professional boxers to get one Conor McGregor back into the boxing ring.

Despite the Irishman been comprehensively beaten inside the distance by Floyd Mayweather back in August.

Since then McGregor has said he will look to return to his usual sport of MMA in the UFC for his next fight, but has left the door open to a future return to the sweet science.

In his fight with Mayweather, McGregor did have some success early on in the bout but critics suggest that Mayweather was simply carrying him in the fight at points.

Waiting for the right moment to step up his assault and close the show when he chose to, as it were.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, WBO welterweight world champion Jeff Horn said he welcomes a fight with the UFC fighter:

”It would be the easiest fight of my career. If it’s under boxing rules McGregor has no chance.”

Horn’s promoter want on to say directly to McGregor:

“Tell us how much money you want.”

Australian Horn won his title earlier this year when he defeated legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao on a close, controversial points decision in the eyes of some fans.

Horn’s immediate future is a world title defence in Australia next month against the UK’s Gary Corcoran which will take place in Australia.

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