Tyson Fury Makes Animal Kingdom Comparison To Him and Joshua

Tyson Fury has gotten creative with how he looks at himself and Anthony Joshua in a rather unique comparison.

Fury and Joshua are on an inevitable war path with all the pre-fight verbals already starting at the moment. Whenever the fight does happen, it will arguably be one of the biggest fights in world boxing.

A heavyweight title fight of genuinely sensational proportions – you only have to look at the massive reaction the pair get on Twitter when speaking about one another to see that.

Speaking of Twitter, Mr.Fury has come up with the a comparison in his latest colorful message for his rival on social media.

Fighters have been known to refer to themselves as lions, pit bulls and other types of ferocious members of the animal kingdom in the past, Fury views himself and Joshua as the following:

It could indeed be a dog fight when these two finally meet in the ring.

Fury might have the superior boxing skills in the eyes of some – with the superior punching power going to Joshua in the view of others.

From a stylistic point of view, you’d have to imagine Fury would look to use those boxing skills to box Joshua, whereas Joshua most likely would look to take Fury out clean with something big inside the distance.

A fascinating fight in the making that has got the boxing world talking at the moment.