Eddie Hearn On Lou DiBella: Bend Over And Take It Like A F***** Man

Promoter Eddie Hearn on Lou DiBella, Richard Schaefer and other US promoters as he stages his first American boxing event.

UK promoter Eddie Hearn’s first venture into America starts tonight headlined by Danny Jacobs in Long Island.

The promoter back and forth in recent weeks since with Hearn announced his plans to take over US boxing have been coming thick and fast.

The most notable being from Lou DiBella and Richard Schaefer, whom Hearn had a message for on the eve of his first US boxing event.

Speaking to Laugh At First Site, Hearn said:

“All I’m doing is I’m raising the blood pressure of promoters all over the US right now. Lou DiBella needs to be in hospital really watching his blood pressure for this week. He called me last night saying please don’t say anything too bad about me. I’m like, you’ve just been slating me for two weeks solid. Bend over and take it like a f***** man.”

He added:

“You’ve got other promoters – Richard Schaefer is complaining because I did an impersonation of him. Relax, enjoy it!”

Competition for US boxing promoters continues to heat up following the announcement of renowned global sports promoter Dana White of the UFC confirming this week that he is:

“100% getting into boxing.”

For the full interview with Hearn on US promoters check it out here (Hat tip Laugh at first site YouTube):