Tyson Fury Legal Battle With Anti-Doping Agency Could End Them

It has been reported that the Tyson Fury legal battle with the anti-doping agency UKAD could damage them severely.

Boxing fans will know that Tyson Fury has not boxed in a full two years at this point since defeating Wladimir Klitschko all the way back in November 2015 in Germany.

Since then, Fury has had various issues outside the ring with both depression and substance abuse.

In recent times however he has had a renewed desire to return to the ring in 2018, saying the British Boxing Board of Control have given him “the green light” to do so recently on Twitter.

Before he can however, he must come through a successful hearing with UKAD next month in a case that has gone on for a quiet extraordinary length of time.

Essentially, UKAD accused Fury in the summer 2016 of testing positive for a banned substance which Fury.

The legal battle has gone on for almost a year and a half now and the BBC have now reported that UKAD fear if Fury is cleared that he could potentially sue them for millions for loss of earnings.

With the potential fights that Fury could have had during his time away from the sport, the many big fights in the heavyweight division that he was not able to partake in, the agency is understood to be fearing bankruptcy from a potential law suit if he is cleared and have asked the UK government for assistance on the matter (as per the BBC).

Fury’s hearing with UKAD is due to take place next month.

Article update: Tyson has given fans an update on the situation on Twitter: