Update On Well-Being Of Fallen Warrior Nick Blackwell

Nick Blackwell will be well known to fight fans having been involved in a tragic night in the ring back in 2016.

The UK boxer’s last professional fight came to Chris Eubank Jr in 2016 where after the fight, Blackwell had to be rushed to hospital after sustaining a bleed on the brain during the contest.

He then slipped into a coma and was involved in a fight for his life which to the happiness of boxing fans, he came out of in flying colours initially.

There were some further complications that then ensued however after that.

Blackwell reportedly returned to spar in a boxing gym where he suffered a second serious injury that left him unable to walk at one time.

Following the unsanctioned sparring behind the close doors of a gym, Blackwell has been making a recovery from the second injury sustained however.

Kugan Cassius of IFL TV spoke to his former trainer Gary Lockett, who enthused on Blackwell’s recent progress:

“He’s actually coming home in about ten days. We were there on Tuesday to see him. He’s in good spirits. He’s absolutely bored out of his mind now. Nothing to do but watch the Inbetweeners movies all the time. That’s all hes doing at the moment – drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee. I think he’ll be a lot happier when he gets home in 10 days.”

Great news all round.

Looking Blackwell’s fight with Chris Eubank Jr last year, it definitely highlighted the importance of safety for professional fighters despite the improvements that have been made in this area over the years.

For the full interview on IFL TV YouTube check it out here:

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