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Anthony Joshua’s Promoter Gets Into Beef With Prominent Journalist

twitter beef

A Twitter beef has kicked off between a well known US boxing writer and one of the world’s leading boxing promoters.

Good old Twitter, the place in the sport of boxing where fans converse, boxers call one another out, promoters argue and sometimes, they even make fights through.

It’s become a great vehicle for boxing over the years but like all social media outlets, has its pros and cons.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael is known to be one of the more well known boxing journalists out there and it appears he and Eddie Hearn, heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s promoter, are at odds over the quality of Joshua’s recent opposition.

The spat originates over comparisons between Joshua and legendary fighters of the past. A topic that always causes controversy among fans:

Dan Rafael:

“Leon Spinks was like 7-0 when he faced Ali and won the title. Mike Tyson was barely 20 years old when won the title.”

Eddie Hearn’s reply:

“Tyson had had 27 fights – great for AJ to be compared to those two greats though!”

Rafael’s reply:

“AJ also got to fight Charles Martin for the title! lol”

Hearn’s reply:

“You didn’t complain about that fight being one sided til AJ iced him”

Rafael’s final rebuttal:

“I’ve never complained about that fight at all. AJ got the chance and did the job.”