Wilder reacts to seeing Ortiz sitting at ringside at his fight with Stiverne after previously been due to fight Wilder.

It was meant to be Luis Ortiz challenging for Wilder’s heavyweight title last night but due to failed drug test in the weeks leading up to the fight Ortiz had to be pulled from the fight.

It affected Wilder considerably, as he opened up here about, but it turns out Ortiz actually went to the fight this weekend and at one point met Wilder face to face.

Speaking after the fight Wilder told the press in his post-fight press conference that he actually felt sick when he saw him in person:

“You know I’m not going to even lie, when I saw him at the hotel coming out of the elevator I almost puked in my mouth. Because I got so much people throwing the blame at me when it had nothing to do with me. I was going to pay a guy sit aside money out of my pocket to fight him. To show you guys. To entertain you guys. And to prove to myself that I am the best. And what happened? I don’t care what reason that they said that they came up with. A lot of stuff doesn’t add up to what they say.”

He went on to say:

“All of a sudden over night you get old and blood pressure pills come up. Come on man. I would have loved to share the ring with Luis Ortiz. Just like (Alexander) Povetkin and all the other rest of them who I would have loved to share the ring with. It is looking like for Povetkin I may end up sharing the ring with him too – because he’s moving up (coming back soon).”

Photo courtesy of Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

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