Watch: TV Presenter Can’t Pronounce Siverne’s Name After Wilder KO

One UK based TV presenter’s hilarious attempt to pronounce Bermane Stiverne’s name goes horribly wrong after the Deontay Wilder KO.

It seems the Deontay Wilder KO of Bermane Stiverne threw one TV presenter off his game completely in the UK following last night’s fight in New York.

Wilder is big news now in UK sports too, given the fact that UK-based heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is arguably one of the most famous athletes in the UK now.

A coming together of the two will likely be a big spectacle on Sky Sports in the UK when the time comes but for now, this unfortunate TV presenter will have to work on his boxing’s name pronunciation in the meantime:

(Hat tip: @mehallr Twitter)

Oh dear. Well, he obviously wasn’t a boxing fan to be fair. But then again, how hard of a name is Bermane Stiverne to say?

All jokes aside, Stiverne is understood to be okay today following a ferocious beating at the hands of Deontay Wilder last night.

Perhaps one of the most explosive first round stoppages in heavyweight boxing this year.


Wilder now moves a step closer to the big fights that he so longs for, that have up to this point eluded him.

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