Shelly Finkel Exposes Eddie Hearn’s Joshua vs Wilder Negotiations

Renowned boxing power player Shelly Finkel exposes Eddie Hearn’s behind the scene tactics in trying to make the Joshua vs Wilder fight.

Shelly Finkel has been around boxing forever and the New York based manager and adviser has known to be involved with some of the biggest fights and fighters over the years in the US.

He currently acts as Deontay Wilder’s manager and has been on the front line, behind the scenes with negotiations with Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn to try to make the fight.

Speaking after Wilder’s win in New York against Stiverne, the usually quiet and behind the scenes Shelly Finkel opened up for a rare occasion on some of the behind the scenes tactics that English promoter Eddie Hearn uses to gets fight made.

Firstly, on making the fight in the UK – he assured the media that the fight makes more money in the US:

“What you do see on TV is more people (in the UK) but not necessary more dollars. If you go to Vegas if they want this fight, they can put up more money then anywhere.”

He went on to say:

“I wanted to say something else though. About 6 weeks ago and this was not public, I got an email from Eddie Hearn and he said if you fight Dillian Whyte – we’ll get you (Anthony) Joshua next. I couldn’t get on the phone quick enough to him. He didn’t answer and I said what’s the matter why didn’t you answer? He said please give me a day. I’ve just lost the fight with (Kubrat) Pulev.”

He concluded:

“So the next day I said to him what’s the deal? He said what do you want to fight Dillian Whyte? I said that will be made easy. When do we get Joshua? He never called me back.”

It appears the ball is now in Eddie Hearn’s court. Hearn in the past number of weeks has also experienced frosty relations with Wilder’s promoter Lou DiBella.

What a fight it would be if it can be made in 2018 though. Come on promoters, get your act together and make the fight that the fans genuinely want to see.